The Fitzpatrick Society

What is the Fitzpatrick Society?

Fitzpatrick Society members are a special group of committed donors who support Bethany Health Care Center every day through their monthly gifts.

Joining the Fitzpatrick Society is easy and secure! Once you register with your EFT or credit card information, you gift will automatically be made monthly until you choose to end your membership.

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A Little Can Go a Long Way

Your monthly gift of:

$10 could fund a live entertainment event

$15 could fund a pizza party for the residents

$20 could fund two months of arts & crafts supplies

$25 could fund five hours music therapy

$35 could fund weekly entertainment on the Memory Care floor for a month

Why Join the Fitzpatrick Society?
  • Giving monthly is a convenient way to split your annual donation into manageable gifts, helping you plan your budget
  • Your monthly support will help create a predictable funding stream so we know what resources we can anticipate throughout the year
  • You will help reduce the cost of fundraising and receive fewer mailings (great for the environment, too!).
  • You will receive and Annual Giving Statement for tax purposes
  • Your gift is automatically charged to your credit card monthly and you can stop your membership at any time
  • You will feel great knowing that your small gift every month allows you to support Bethany’s mission in a big way every day
The Fitzpatrick Family: Bethany's Original Benefactors

The Fitzpatrick Society is named for Bethany’s original benefactors, Thomas B. and Sara G. Fitzpatrick, who deeded their beautiful Framingham estate to the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1916 and donated funds to build a home for the Sisters to enjoy rest and relaxation. More than 100 years later the extended Fitzpatrick family continues the legacy with their generosity to Bethany Health Care Center.

Thomas and Sara Fitzpatrick
One Small Act Will Make a Real Difference Every Day

When you join Bethany’s Fitzpatrick Society, you will make a tremendous difference every day in lives of the elderly residents who call Bethany Health Care Center home. Your continued generosity will allow us to provide the highest quality healthcare and to care for these women like the family that they are.

The Fitzpatrick Society

“My great-grandparents would be delighted by the care the Sisters receive at Bethany, and they would be humbled to know that their legacy is being celebrated in a way that contributes to the ongoing success of the organization. Because I have spent a number of years working at Bethany, I am confident that they would be so happy to see what was done with the property. And they would love that my mother – their own granddaughter – was able to reap the rewards as a resident. The family is proud to honor Thomas and Sara by continuing to support the residents and the important work of Bethany Health Care Center.”

– EVELYN COTTER, Fitzpatrick Family Member and Activities Professional, Bethany Health Care Center

Evelyn Cotter visits with Bethany resident Sister Jeanne Leahy, CSJ

For questions or assistance with your Fitzpatrick Society membership, contact our development staff at 508-271-2324 or [email protected].

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