Memory Care

Memory Care

Bethany Health Care Center’s Memory Care Unit features a full-time team of activity professionals who develop daily activities programs – including reminiscing, theme and “on-the-spot” programs – that enhance our residents’ overall well-being. Days are filled with meaningful moments that promote self-esteem, pleasure, and independence while embracing individual interests. Adapted equipment enhances residents’ physical and cognitive abilities as well.

Our activity professionals work with residents in a variety of settings, including larger groups in the activity room, smaller groups in the solarium, and one-on-one visits in resident rooms. On-the-spot programming occurs for those residents who prefer unconstrained small groups and the freedom to safely roam, enhancing their independence and providing a sense of accomplishment. Regular Memory Care Unit activities also include stretching and exercise, crafts, puzzles and cooking fun.

Music plays an important role in our Memory Care residents’ lives. Bethany’s Music Therapy program is a private time when residents can enjoy music derived from personalized playlists, which evokes a sense of familiarity and nurtures fond memories. Additionally, regular visits from singers and musicians bring the gift of music directly to residents in the evenings, helping to decrease “sun-downing” and promote more relaxed, restful nights.

Bethany’s Namaste program provides support for our residents with advanced dementia, who may become overly stimulated with activities in the general activity room.

The Namaste program uses a person-centered approach to improve residents’ quality of life through meaningful sensory activities that stimulate the senses, promote relaxation, and offer comfort and serenity to those living with dementia. Namaste staff frequently utilize the healing power of touch, giving our residents gentle hand massages with warm lotion and attending to their nail care, as well as offering the simple comfort and security of a warm, soft blanket.

Bethany’s Namaste Room features an environment free from distraction and overstimulation. Diffused lighting, soft music, comfortable recliner chairs and soothing aromatherapy diffusers establish a distinct homelike feeling.


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